We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
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I'm Eden.
We're not so perfect after all...

stars shine for us every night by: Ashat Bardynov

Soon it will all be dark with no color, just stars. Don’t miss it. 

reminds me of Jasper sunsets 

This is literally my favourite photo ever, like, just imagine that. Waking up to this view with a cuppa coffee in the morn… ahhhh. If I ever find a place like this, I will never leave.
"The sparkle in your eye is not just a single star, but a galaxy that I am going to fly into and hopefully get lost" -E.V 

written by me please don’t change source.

…………that little tree at Mia’s

Mount Rainier

More nature here

I love the sweet sound of snow crunching under my feet. I love snowshoeing with arms bared to the bright sun. I love the salty taste of salami and cheese after a few hours of hard work.

is it bad to say that I kind of want snow…. 

vintage & summer ❂

don’t go on tumblr for a week, lose 10 followers. geeze let me have a life too ppl. 

Pine forest

Silverdale, Washington